Dry Bones ~ by Craig Johnson

Okay – starting in one of the for-fun-only books I bought at the recent Audible sale. These are like brain candy, but fun in their own way (although not nearly the pleasure of No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books). I listen to unwind and relax.

Dry Bones
by Craig Johnson
2015 / 425 pages (in print)
read by George Guidall / 8h 16m
rating – B- / western crime

It’s not one of my favorite series but with George Guidall narrating the books are easy to listen to while playing mahjong. Some folks love Walt Longmire, Sheriff of Durant County in rural Wyoming and he is well developed (this is the 11th novel) and the plots are very nicely done.

I’ll let the Publisher’s Summary outline it:

When Jen, the largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever found, surfaces in Sherriff Walt Longmire’s jurisdiction, it appears to be a windfall for the High Plains Dinosaur Museum – until Danny Lone Elk, the Cheyenne rancher on whose property the remains were discovered, turns up dead, floating face down in a turtle pond. With millions of dollars at stake, a number of groups step forward to claim her, including Danny’s family, the tribe, and the federal government. 

As Wyoming’s acting deputy attorney and a cadre of FBI officers descend on the town, Walt is determined to find out who would benefit from Danny’s death, enlisting old friends Lucian Connolly and Omar Rhoades – along with Dog and best friend Henry Standing Bear – to trawl the vast Lone Elk ranch, looking for answers to a 65-million-year-old cold case that’s heating up fast. 


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