Gone Again ~ by James Grippando

Wow!  I’ve read Grippando’s books before, including in the Jack Swytech series, and enjoyed them to varying degrees, but this is like off the wall great partly due to the reader, Jonathan Davis.  Fwiw, it won the Harper Lee Best Legal Fiction award in 2017.   

Gone Again
By James Grippando
Read by Jonathan Davis
Rating:  A+ / legal fiction 

Dylan Reeves is on death row for the viscous murder of Sashi Burgette the adopted daughter of the Burgettes.  Sashi was a very troubled and difficult teenage girl who originally came from Russia.  Sashi’s mother is convinced Sashi is not dead because there is a phone call every year on Sashi’s birthday.  The phone is dead, Sashi doesn’t speak at all.  

This works into one of the best courtroom dramas I’ve ever read and I’ve read a lot of them – a favorite genre.  I have to say it won the Harper Lee Best Legal Fiction award of 2017.  I have no idea why I enjoy legal thrillers.  

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