Mercy ~ by Victor Methos

I’ve read several of these legal thrillers but I missed this one because it seemed too much like some of Methos’ other books.  I finally grabbed it when I was seriously ready for another legal drama/thriller.  This is more of a legal drama than thriller. There is plenty of courtroom and law-office action – there are simply no guns and no chase scenes.  We know who has been accused and arrested.  The problem is to get the accused either found guilty or acquitted.  I like the twists some of these novels take en route.  This book was adequate – not great. 

By Victor Methos
Read by A.W. Dickson
Rating: B / legal drama 
Neon Lawyer series – #2 

Brigham Theodore is a trial lawyer working in Salt Lake City.  One day a man comes into his office and confesses to having killed his wife, the mother of his children – in the hospital – as a mercy killing.  

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