The Marylebone Drop ~ by Mick Herron

I took a long time about reading this and made copious notes to keep the characters straight but I only listened, there was no Kindle version to go along with the Audio. It took me a couple readings but I totally enjoyed it – all 2 hours of it – lol – a novella. It’s not really one of the series but it has a few characters from the Slough House series.

The Marylebone Drop
By Mick Herron
2019 /
Read by Gerard Doyle 2h 8m
Rating: A+ /crime – Spy


Then I wrote those notes up into a review. And because I didn’t get it posted right away I forgot about it. Then, hinking I had posted it already, I trashed my drafts – omg. So here – the publisher’s summary:

“A drop, in spook parlance, is the passing on of secret information. It’s also what happens just before you hit the ground. Old spooks carry the memory of tradecraft in their bones, and when Solomon Dortmund sees an envelope being passed from one pair of hands to another in a Marylebone cafe, he knows he’s witnessed more than an innocent encounter. But in relaying his suspicions to John Bachelor, who babysits retired spies like Solly for MI5, he sets in motion a train of events that will alter lives.”

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