Never Goodbye ~ by Adam Mitzner

On sale and although I’ve read a number of Mitzner’s books this might be one of the weakest.  I loved A Conflict of Interest, 2011, his first, but Mitzner seemed to go downhill after that . Still, they’re pretty good legal thrillers.  This is the first of a series of three and I’d already read the other two. 

Never Goodbye
By Adam Mitzner
2018 / 
Read by Erin Burnett 10h 6m
Rating:  B+ / legal thriller 

This one would be much better read than listened to because there are three women with leading roles and the voices are too similar – they’re identified at the beginnings of chapters.   Still -it’s complex and although I kept thinking I had predicted the ending,  I hadn’t. 

The plot involves Lauren Wright, a woman New York assistant prosecuting attorney for the victim’s bureau,  whose dead body is found in Central Park. Eventually another woman, Dana Goodwin the new chief in the victim’s bureau, is on trial for the murder with still another woman, Ella Broden (the old chief of that bureau), as lead prosecution.  Boyfriends and husbands are also involved.  

There is a certain amount of LGBTQ matter, almost a theme, as well as low-grade techie stuff. 

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