The Case for the American People ~ by Norman Eisen

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The Case for the American People:
The United States vs Donald J. Trump
by Norman Eisen 
7/2020 – 
Read by Robert Petkoff – 11h 7m
Rating – 9 / current events 

This is a fine, fine book by Norman Eisen, the former legal council for judiciary in the prosecution of the Trump impeachment process and subsequent Senate trial and who wrote The Last Palace about his time as Ambassador to the Czech Republic.  A Case for the American People is his take on the impeachment and eventual acquittal of Trump.

The Washington Post calls it a “tell-all” book and it’s definitely NOT a “balanced” viewpoint by Trump’s opinion  – lol.  It’s a candid examination of the prosecution’s case and as such it’s a timely review of what all this country went through considering we have an election coming up and it’s fair warning.   Eisen goes through the charges and the lies and the coverups.

Eisen presents an excellent glimpse at the goings on behind the scenes with insights into and opinions on the likes of Mueller, Pelosi, Nadler, even Barr and Romney along with some of the witnesses.  

And he hits on the more immediate issue of Trump’s handling of the pandemic situation and Trump hasn’t changed a bit –  he’s a clear and present danger to the country.  (I don’t think Eisen said this but it sure fits –  he might have said it!) 
So yes,  it’s an excellent book but if you are a Trump supporter you might find it hard to take. Eisen is not neutral on anything here.  If you are not a Trump opponent you’ll find it heartbreaking and optimistic at the same time.  

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