Leave of Absence – :-(

I have to take a leave of absence from my blog because WordPress is apparently not supporting Safari very well. I’m not sure what I’ll do. I can use Firefox once a month probably so you might be getting monthly updates instead of almost daily. Or I might switch everything to Firefox but that would be sad because my iPad doesn’t do Firefox. (I don’t use it for the blog though.)

We’ll have to see what happens. I have so much else going on right now though with my health and my mom’s health and my just moving and so on. Gads

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5 Responses to Leave of Absence – :-(

  1. I’m sorry about that, Becky! I’ve been so lax about writing in my WordPress blog that I didn’t know about WordPress and Safari. I do have Firefox on my iPad, which is what I most,y use, but haven’t tried doing my blog on Firefox. I hope things get smoother in your life.


  2. Lisa Hill says:

    It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Take care, and look after yourself. We will be here when you come back xo


  3. kfan says:

    Hi Becky:

    There are only a couple of things that arrive in my inbox these days that make me smile and a notification that you have written a new post is one of them. May you find peace and good health. Take care and be well.



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