Monthly Summary

This is getting aggravating . My blog now looks like a mess. I do not like this “new” block system at all but when I went back to the old way for a few months it messed up so bad I couldn’t even publish new entries. So I returned to the blocks making a few modifications to make that work better. But it works worse in other ways. My main problem, to start with, was not being able to do wrap around text.

But! I just now saw other problems more clearly when I went to write my little summary of books read in April (I don’t usually publish that.) I’ll try this another month but if it doesn’t get easier to post a clean blog I’ll give up and go home.

April Summary:

 “These are the books I read in April –  I read 12 books in all with 7 Crime/Mysteries,  2 General Fiction and 3 Nonfiction and including 5 women authors and no translations. That’s way down from usual but this pandemic has not let me concentrate as usual.  Also, my mother’s health has been worrisome.  (To say nothing of spending a fair amount of time on a couple books which aren’t listed due to not finishing and putting them down.) 

The Big Lie  
by James Grippando
read by Jonathan Davis 11h 22m
rating – A / legal thriller
White Nights
by Ann Cleeves
2015 / 
Read by Gordon Griffin  11h 31m
Rating: A / mystery 
Shetland Island series
Red Bones
by Ann Cleeves
2009 / 
read by Gordon Griffini 11h 21m
rating A / mystery
Blood Defense
by Marica Clark
2017 / Read by Tara Gilbert 11h 50m
rating:  B / legal thriller 
The Best Friend 
by Adam Mitzner
read by Chris Andrew Ciulla , Kate Udall 8h 58m
rating – B / legal crime 
Camino Island 

By John Grisham
2020 / 306 pages
Read by January LaVoy 8h 45m
rating – B+ / crime (Book 1 of a series but maybe only 2 books total)
Eight Perfect Murders
By Peter Swanson
2019 / 288 pages
read by Graham Halstead  8h 3m
rating – A

The Night Watchman 
by Louise Erdrich
2019 / 464 pages
read by author 13h 32m
rating – A historical fiction   
 (both read and listened) 
The Innocents
by Michael Crummey 
2019 / 293 pages
read by Mary Lewis 9h 5m 
rating: 8 – historical fiction

St Paul: The Apostle We Love to Hate
by Karen Armstrong
2015 /  159 pages
read by author  – 5h 21m
rating – 8 / Bible history-biography
Front Row at the Trump Show
by Jonathan Karl
read by the author 10h 16m
rating 8 / current events
Art and Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking
By David Bayles and Ted Orland
2012 – 125 pages
Read by Arthur Morrey 3h 8m
Rating 3 – nonfiction
(both read and listened) 

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2 Responses to Monthly Summary

  1. Lelia T says:

    Becky, maybe you see something different as the administrator but this all looks fine to me 😉


    • Thank you, Lelia. Maybe I get a bit picky. I really do enjoy keeping this because it helps me remember what I’ve read. It goes back to 2011 so there are a lot of books listed and reviewed here.


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