Camino Winds ~ by John Grisham

Camino Winds
by John Grisham
2020 /
read by Michael Beck = 8h 42m
rating – B / crime
(Camino Island series – #2) 

I’ve been reading John Grisham’s books for a long time – maybe 25 years – and he’s gone through some changes, but then so has the genre.  I like his legal thrillers best, especially the ones he wrote in the 1990s; but he’s written some good stuff since. I try to read all the adult novels,  but I’ve missed some.  

In this book Camino Island, the eponymous name of the series, is hit by a the fierce Hurricane Hugo and one of  Bruce Cable’s writer buddies dies in it.  But Nelson is not killed by the storm, but by someone’s attack on him during the storm.  

Bruce and his friends Bob and Nick set out to figure out what they can along with Bruce’s girlfriend Noelle who pops in to help. The story gets going when the threads lead to criminally run nursing homes, millions of dollars and bodies. It’s a thriller, folks .

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