The Boy from the Woods ~ by Harlan Coben

I’ve read a number of Harlan Coben’s  books and I’ve come to expect a good high-suspense thriller. This one is almost up to his best,  but not quite.  I’ve read better from him.  

One difference, thank goodness, is that Scott Brick is NOT reading it. He’s read a number of Coban’s books and although I’m a fan, after awhile his intensity gets too 51Hja34aUnL.jpgmuch. 

The Boy from the Woods
by Harlan Coben
2020 – 305 pages

read by Steven Weber 10h 8m
rating: B+ / crime

Anyway,  in this book a high school girl disappears and the protagonist, Wilde, takes on the job of finding her.  Wilde is an interesting character.  Abandoned at a very young age,  he lived in the wilds of New Jersey, feral, until he was caught and adopted.  That’s very mysterious in itself but it’s only used as a piece of background in this novel. 

The actual plot here is that Naomi is missing from her single parent home and high school where she is generally bullied and has a very difficult life.  Another teen  is concerned and leads Wilde to the case and then gets involved in some rich bully’s  hi-jinks.  Then the rich kid goes missing.  And his parents have a background which leads to …. Well … .it’s a curious twist.  And the ending leads me to believe there could be a follow-up,  even a series.  (yay!)

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