Educated by Tara Westover x2

Omg I got so much more out of the book this time,.  I think the first time I read it at plot. level only – getting only a fraction of what’s really there in terms of self-discovery and self-creation.


Educated:  A Memoir
by Tara Westover
2018 / 335 pages
read by Julie Whelan 12h 10m
rating – 10 / memoir
(both read and listened)

This book is not about Mormonism because Westover’s family is not at all  representative of general Mormonism.  It’s also not representative of home schooling. There are plenty of people, parents and children,  who work with home schooling wonderfully well.

This book is about forms of family abuse,  child, sibling and spousal abuse, and how it, along with conspiracy theorist ideas and extreme religion,  traps its victims.  But that’s nowhere near all –  it’s about how one brave woman managed to get out and build a new life (that’s the good part).

I don’t give 10s to books on first reading but both reading and listening to it twice and being struck by its brilliance,  I have to.


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