Then She Was Gone ~ by Lisa Jewell

Too long, contrived and predictable, but it was on sale.  On the plus side,  I did finish.

Then She Was Gone
by Lisa Jewell
read by Helen Duff
10h 12m
rating: B / suspense

Ellie Mack was 15 years old when she disappeared. The  prologue shows her as a high school student and the main plot jumps to 10 years later with a short flashback section about an incident at 5 years when her bones were found.  But there is no evidence of who, when, where, why, –  nothing.   

The main character is Ellie’s mother Lauren Mack who has been tormented by this loss and has lost her husband and 2 older children as a result of her emotional collapse .  

Now Lauren is recovering and dating a man with a young girl and Lauren’s remaining family is suspicious of him,  as is the reader.  But more is slowly revealed with moderately interesting but broadly predictable twists..

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