Agency ~ by William Gibson

by William Gibson
2020 / 403 pp

read by Lorelei King 10h 12m
rating: ??? / spec fiction

Well, this is one to read again – (maybe) – Gibson’s plots can get notoriously complex and he liberally strews very current words and technology throughout. This is on top of the astonishing world building – I think I like this book but it’s very complicated and difficult.

I fell in love with Gibson from Snowcrash and went on to the Blue Ant trilogy which was also just delicious – loved it. Then it got weird and I’ve tried but ….. at this point we have “time travel” using alternative universes with clones and drones plus cloned bits.

The time periods go between 2017 and some time in the far future. The locations are California and London. And a part of the alternative strand of reality is that – ta-da! – Hillary Clinton is president.

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2 Responses to Agency ~ by William Gibson

  1. Lisa Hill says:

    I think Lorelei King is one of the best narrators around. She narrated a Truman Capote that I read years ago and it was just superb:)


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