Evil Eye ~ by Madhuri Shekar

This is so short it’s almost like a short story, but it’s sold separately, and it’s rather expensive for under 2 hours, so I’ll give it its own review because it is quite good and well done. I listened to the sample and my interest was piqued. It’s also very very funny but twists into something else. Suspenseful and spooky but my limit of horror.

Evil Eye
by Madhuri Shekar
read by small cast
1hr 38m
rating – 9 (although quite short)

The thing is it’s an “Only on Audible production so there are lots of sound effects. I don’t usually like those but here it worked .

The story starts out with phone calls mostly between an Indian mother and her 29-year old daughter, Palavi, although there are a couple other characters. Mom is in India and the Palavi is in L.A. Mom wants her daughter to get married, and in short order but when she finds someone it’s not “right.”

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2 Responses to Evil Eye ~ by Madhuri Shekar

  1. neuravinci says:

    i’ve had this in my audible library for a while, so i may finally give it a listen

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