A Lot Like Christmas: Stories ~ by Connie Willis

If you’re looking for a light Christmas read and can tolerate short stories with a nice mix of romance and speculative fiction, along with a splash of religion and great humor, then I found a goodie by a favorite author.

At over 500 pages it’s kind of long, but with about a dozen or so stories of generally about 40-50 pages each it’s perfect. And I like Connie Willis for both her science fiction novels and short stories. She’s really a master.

A Lot Like Christmas
by Connie Willis
2017 / 519 pp
read by Eliza Foss – 22h 16m
rating: 9.25

Willis is a Christian of the Congregationalist variety so one of these stories zone in on the religious aspect of the holiday thank others. None go overboard though and the humor or light romance is maintained along with soft sci-fi. There are only a few less than stellar stories in the batch.

This may be one of those books I read annually because it readily does capturer the Christmas spirit.

A really good review at Elitist Books:

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