The Long Take ~ by Robin Robertson

The Long Take: A Noir Narrative

by Robin Robertson
2018 / 238 pages
read by Kerry Shale – 5h 26m
rating: 9.25/ historical fiction

Innovative and excellent historical novel which includes a few pictures along with source notes. The era is the post-WWII years and the setting is mostly Los Angeles.

Our hero is Walker, a Nova Scotian veteran of the European battles who travels through New York to get to Los Angels and makes a brief stay in San Francisco.

Working as a reporter he sees and writes about the other vets, many homeless, who are trying to eke out a living on the streets of these places. Meanwhile he has his own problems and terrors.

Robertson is usually a highly regarded and honored poet and it definitely shows. The narrative looks like a long poem and includes different fonts for different aspects. I might like to read this again except that it’s pretty heavy hitting so I might not.

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