The Reckoning ~ by John Grisham

I felt like I’d read this before –  how odd.  I know I’ve read quite a number of the scenes in the first part – right up to the kids going to see their mom at Christmas and confronting their dad.   Then with Part 2 it feels new to me.  This is way more than any sample (Kindle or Audible) would provide.  That’s close to 4 1/2 hours!   But there are more than 13 hours to go.  There’s no evidence of my having bought it on Audible (which is most likely) or Amazon or even in my libraries.

The Reckoning
by John Grisham
2018 / 435 pages
read by Michael Beck – 17h 36m
rating: A- / legal crime

I don’t seem to remember any of the war part.  I thought I remembered how the book ended in terms of the frame situatio but I was wrong.  I’d never read most of this ending but the real shocker part was familiar to me. It felt like maybe the publisher put out an extra large preview or something.  

Anyway,  it’s a frame story about a family in crisis with some background and an ending. That part is mystery/court-room drama.  The middle section is about dad going to WWII for several years.  The frame is standard John Grisham, the middle is a war story and I found it boring and one thing after another until it got too much and over the top..  

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