The Book of Lies ~ by Brad Meltzer

This is an oldie by Meltzer but I hadn’t read it and it was available via the library. I rarely get anything from there because there’s usually a wait of more than 6 months for anything I want – or they don’t have it at all. But I keep my eye out and once in awhile something shows up. Voila… The Book of Lies

The Book of Lies
by Greg Meltzer
2008 / 353 pages
read by Scott Brick – 11h 24m
Rating: B / crime thriller

This is an odd book and I had no idea when I picked it up. Much of it is true but much of it is fiction of the Dan Brown variety. I’m not really a fan but I don’t mind a book once in a great while.

This time the puzzle is from the Bible story of when Cain killed his brother Abel in Genesis. The problem which is never resolved in the Bible was what weapon did Cain use? And the problem in today’s world is who killed Mitchell Siegel, the father of Jerry Siegel, the creator of Clark Kent, aka Superman.

In today’s time frame Cal Harper meets his own long-lost father who’s been shot by a gun which traces back to the gun which killed one Mitchell Siegel but that goes back further than reality.

The various threads all connect up and it’s satisfying but complicated.

Jerry Siegel:

Mitchell Siegel:

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