The Old Drift ~ by Namwali Serpell

I tried to enjoy this book – I really did. The blurbs made it sound like it Wass right ups my alley and a line from Salmam Rushdie? Oh my! Sad too say that a although the book started out being quite fun, that petered out after the Grandmothers’ section and the next two or more generations were a mess.

This is a good review – I can’t really write one:

The Old Drift
by Namwali Serpelll
2019 / 566 pages
read by Adjoa Andoh and 2 others
Rating: 6 / general fiction
(read and listened)

The history that binds this all together goes from Stanley and Livingstone through colonial times to the corrupt military regimes to post-colonial days and finally the protests of today. There was just too much going on for me to follow.

The history is kind of interesting, but imo there was too much foolish sex.

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