Iron Lake ~ by William Kent Krueger

Still in the mood for something else – don’t know what –  trying this and that – I love the setting here,  northern Minnesota woods –  I’ve visited many times since childhood but never lived there although my dad was raised nearby.

This is the first of a highly acclaimed and really long-running series which is another reason I read it.  It reminded me a bit of some other series I can’t remember the name of (I think I might be reading too much.)

Finally,  the Native American thread of the book intrigued me –  I’ve read quite a lot of Indian literature – both fiction and nonfiction and I’m kind of always interested in that subject.

Iron Lake 
by William Kent Krueger
1998 / 464 pages
read by David Chandler 11h 57m
rating:  B+ /  crime series
(#1 in the Cork O’Connor series) 


Sad to say I wasn’t all that impressed  with this first of the series but I may be tempted to give the second book a shot –

A Indian boy disappears on the same day a local judge commits suicide –  Huh? –  Yup –  and Cork, who  was relieved of his position as sheriff in the last election and is also separated from his wife but sleeping with a young waitress,  gets involved because his wife is seeing the new senator who seems to have some less than honorable associates.  Cork can’t help it – he’s an inquisitive soul.   (This makes for a good series.)

There’s a fair amount of thriller to this book,  some Indian lore including legends and spirits (but no spooky stuff) and quite a lot of relationship material.  It sets up a for a solid series –  as does the setting.   So here we are in 2018 and Cork O’Connor has been around for 20 years and 16 books (the 17th will be released tomorrow –  8/21/2018.)  I might just give it a try.

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2 Responses to Iron Lake ~ by William Kent Krueger

  1. Dagny says:

    I’m really hooked on this series, Becky, and #10 is my next one. I was like you after the first one or maybe two, a bit ambivalent, but so glad I kept going. There were times when I didn’t much care for Cork, but those days are in the past. I think I really got into the series with the fourth book, Blood Hollow.

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