The President Is Missing ~ by James Patterson and Bill Clinton

Okay – like I’d seen this on the new release pages for a few weeks and was wondering.  I’m not a Patterson fan at all but I thought it could be interesting and it got some good reviews.   I read it on my Kindle because that’s easier for me up here in North Dakota – (2 more days).


The President Is Missing
by James Patterson and Bill Clinton
2018 / 513 pages
rating A – /  political thriller 

Overall it was a good book –  the tension was high throughout and the plot was very interesting –  a massive cyber attack is planned against the United States and the President has to go “underground” to deal with it.

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4 Responses to The President Is Missing ~ by James Patterson and Bill Clinton

  1. Carmen says:

    Hmm…I suspect this writing duo would produce a smash hit, if only on the virtues of their names alone. I have very mixed experiences with James Patterson; I like some of the movie adaptations from his novels, but not the novels of his that I have read. Perhaps I haven’t read his best, but I’m not willing to try another one.


    • I’m not a Patterson fan at all – I’ve read only 1 other to see. I am a Clinton fan (kind of) and the president in this was kind of like I’d imagine him to be. And he was probably useful for inside knowledge about security things. One thing is I read The Perfect Weapon just prior so it was kind of like a set-up. Most of the info was spot-on. It was good enough but I’ll not be reading another Patterson for a long (!) time – (unless it’s about cyber stuff – I do enjoy that).


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