The Perfect Weapon: ~ by David E. Sanger

I was just interested in this book due to the subject matter,   and it looked pretty good, had good reviews, etc.   I got it.    David  Sanger is the national security correspondent,  senior writer,  for the New York Times reporting for them since 1982.  He’s also written books and teaches at the Kennedy School of Government.  I figured it would be pretty enlightening and yes,  it was!



The Perfect Weapon:  War,  Sabotage and Fear in the Cyber Age
by David E. Sanger
2018 /  384 pages (Kindle)
rating –  9 / nonfiction – current events

Man has been involved in espionage and propaganda for centuries but times have changed since Sun Tzu wrote about military intelligence in  The Art of War (my review)  in the 6th century BC.  Sanger’s book is not a history though as it actually only covers the period since cyber warfare began – 1980s or so,  1990s maybe.   And he really starts with the Russian/ Ukrain incidents,  the US/Israel vs Iran’s nuclear program,  (Stuxnet)  followed by   Snowden the election fiasco of Trump and North Korea under Kim Jong Un.


This is an accounting of many of the incidents since the Iran episode in GW Bush’s presidency including some of what’s going on in North Korea,  Russia,  China and so on.  There’s quite a lot on the US also.

I really enjoyed it,  learned a lot and it set me up for the James Patterson/Bill Clinton book I read next.

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2 Responses to The Perfect Weapon: ~ by David E. Sanger

  1. Carmen says:

    Welcome back, Becky! Where have you been? 😉 This one sounds good. I would love to read it if I weren’t reading so darn slow… 🙂

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    • I’ve been in North Dakota for my annual pilgrimage to see my kids and their families. (I’d move there if my mother would go.) – I don’t read much up there – I get distracted by birds and rabbits and trees. My mom needs help. Life interferes. lol – Glad to be back.


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