Where the Hell is Tesla? by Rob Dirks

This has got to be one of the funniest books I’ve ever read –  it’s downright silly.   It’s also very sweet.  It’s NOT for anyone wanting a serious sci-fi story.   (It’s another sale purchase –  it just sounded good and had great reviews .)

A bright but awkward young guy named Chip Collins is writing emails to his long term girlfriend, Julie Taylor, about how he found Nikola Tesla’s secret journal at work and he and his friend Pete decide to try to figure out what some of Tesla’s incredible ideas were about.


Where the Hell is Tesla?
by Rob  Dirks
2015 / 398 pages
read by Rob Dircks – 5h 4m 
rating: A   /zany sci-fi – love story 

Unfortunately the pair gets lost in a multiplicity of dimensions (accessible via an eternal hallway)  from which Tesla is sending messages about being trapped in some dimension.

They have adventures in various of these  dimensions as they try to save Tesla and get back home.   This is what Chip writes about.

The book is incredibly imaginative and pretty well written,  considering –  let’s say that the writing suits the story.   I actually enjoyed it,  but it might not be for everyone.


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2 Responses to Where the Hell is Tesla? by Rob Dirks

  1. Carmen says:

    This story sounds quirky. I would love to read it. 🙂


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