The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper ~ by Phaedra Patrick

Oh I was so in the mood for something light and fun – a wee tad heartwarming maybe, but not super mushy or romantic.  I found it – and it was the next book up (Jan, 2018) on the discussion schedule at the BookGroup List .

Arthur Pepper of somewhere north of London has been widowed for about a year and is finally going through his late wife’s things when he finds a beautiful gold charm bracelet he’d never seen before.


The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper
by Phaedra Patrick
 2017 / 336 pages
read by James Langton – 8h 58m
rating:   7  (for fun) / contemp light fiction

This find stirs some kind of serious curiosity in him and he examines it carefully noticing some tiny engraving on the elephant charm.  As it turns out the engraving is a single word followed by what appears to be a phone number.  He calls it and is connected to a jeweler in India and yes, they had known Miriam many years prior.   What a shock! Miriam had never said anything about any time spent in India.

This leads Arthur to some travel in order to checking out the sources of the other charms which include a tiger,  a thimble, a painter’s palette, a ring and a heart.  In doing so he has some adventures and meets a number of curious but mostly lovely people.  He also remembers Miriam and grieves.

Meanwhile,  one of the women in his own neighborhood bothers him, as well as a number of other people, with cooking and looking after.   She has her own son who is a bit lost.  The two of them help Arthur in ways – they all become friends.

But even Arthur’s own children are kind of lost to him  – his son is in Australia with his own young family and his daughter,  single again and childless,  is recovering from a messy divorce.

Arthur started out only wanting to know more about his late wife’s past but ends up with a huge treasure of his own.  It’s a feel-good book.

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