Yes ~ 26 books read in April

I posted a whole bunch of reviews in the last few days,  but that’s because I read a whole bunch of books in April – 26 to be exact.   April is generally a good month for me – last year it was 21 books read in April but I think some were longer books.  Otherwise I usually run about 15 or 16 books a month with lows in the summer around 8 or 9 a month.

Anyway,  I really did read all those books in April that I posted about up until the last couple days and then even a couple reviews didn’t get posted until the 1st of May because I simply forgot.  😦

Now? Whew – I don’t feel like reading a lot but I am –   rereading The Idiot by Dostoevsky and a bunch of goodies lined up for May.  But I’m retired and live alone – sometimes I like to cook or go out with friends but that’s not a lot.  I mostly read.   Summers are different because I’m in North Dakota and visiting the grandkids.

Anyway,  of the 26 total,  7 were general fiction, 12 were crime novels,  3 were classics and 4 were nonfiction with 8 women authors and 4 translated books.   Here’s a rundown of April  with links to the reviews:

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4 Responses to Yes ~ 26 books read in April

  1. jameswharris says:

    That’s amazing. I think I finish two books.

    You must not watch much television. Haha!

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  2. Dagny says:

    Way to go, Becky! February was my best month and not even close to 26.

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