Most Dangerous Place ~ by James Grippando

Well this is fun –  two legal thrillers in a row.  This one is the most recent in the Jack
Swyteck series. I think I really like this one – but it’s #13 already.


Most Dangerous Place
by James Grippando
2017 / 365 pages
read by  Jonathan Davis 12h 9m
Rating:   B

It started out like gangbusters – coming back to the United States for an operation to save her daughter’s hearing,   Isabel Bornelli, a native of Venezuela,  is arrested at the Miami International Airport.   Her husband Keith Ingraham, a high-power international banker,  can only stand by and watch.

Jack Swyteck has to unravel the ins and outs of a case which goes back many years,  to the time when Isabel was raped and her rapist then murdered.  Isabel is an obvious suspect.  But her father is a very powerful and cruel man and he and Isabel parted ways  when he would not accept that his daughter had been raped.  Keith never knew anything about this – he didn’t know a lot of things about her life prior to their meeting in Switzerland.

It’s a page-turner of the good old legal crime variety – my favorite.  It’s a bit gritty for my tastes but it works.  (Have crime novels got more and more involved with rape and other forms of graphic violence?)

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