A Quiet Life in the Country ~ by T.E. Kinsey

It was on sale.  It’s the first of a series.  I went for it.  I’ll not be bothering with more of these.

A Quiet Life in the Country
by T.E. Kinsey
2014 / 258 pages
read by Elizabeth Knoweldon
rating:   C- / very cozy historical mystery
A Lady Hardcastle Mystery – #1

The story is set in 1908 – the main characters are Lady Hardcastle, a widow who travels with her maid,  Florence Armstrong,  the second main character.   The tale is told by Florence in 1st person.  Both main characters have mysterious backgrounds.

A body is found hanged and the police are not doing their jobs.  So Lady and maid get interested and then involved and the rest is pretty standard fare.   There were some cute aspects and there was no romantic nonsense, but still,  even though I do sometimes enjoy a nice cozy mystery, this isn’t one of them.  We were not amused.

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