A Criminal Defense ~ by William L. Myers

Alright already -enough legal shemgal unless something really great comes along –  this one wasn’t it although it wasn’t bad.  The narrator was over-the-top and that had a really negative effect.

A Criminal Defense 
by William L. Myers
2017 –  380 pages
read by Peter Berkrot 12h 41m
rating –  B

A prominent Philadelphia attorney is accused of the murder of Jennifer Yamora,  a beautiful and aggressive young reporter,  and it looks really bad for him what with his non-alibi and money laundering schemes.  Also,  there are some crooked cops investigating the case.  So he gets his  long-time good friend,  Mick McFarland, to defend him.  Things look worse.  The wives and families are involved and there’s a lot of money at stake.  Lives are at stake.

For those who enjoy legal thrillers this has lots of courtroom action and no real gore or chase scenes.  The characters are believable enough although maybe a tad more evil than necessary.  (I really only liked the brother.)   How many lies can one book hold? If anything the plot gets a bit too complex.

Peter Berkrot took the narration to a new level and this is irritating to me- to my ears and nerves.  It gets tiring to have every paragraph read like it’s the ultimate shocking conclusion.   But Myers also took the twists to extremes, too.   I think I’ll pass on any more books read by Berkrot –  I may be open to Myers.

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