The Light of Day by Graham Swift

This one needs a reread as it’s very confusing to start out – who is whom?  Especially amongst all those women! But it clears up about halfway and is pretty straightforward after that although there are times when the frame story flashes back to something unexpected which was not all tidied up.

The Light of Day 
by Graham Swift
2003 / 323 pages
Read by Graeme Malcolm 7h 5m
Rating:  8 & B/  literary crime 
(read and listened)

Graham Swift is an old favorite and since he won a slot on the Booker Prize Long List back in 2003 The Light of Day was deemed worthy of reading in the Booker Group.   Yay!

Swift is as literary as ever here – the masterful use of appropriate language, the themes, the interesting structure,  the suspense is nicely woven in –

The plot  concerns a cop getting out of jail for something but what – corruption of some sort is what is said but …   These days George Webb is a private detective.

The husband  of his clients, Sara Nash, is (or was) cheating on her and she wants more info.  But there’s a frame story which shows Webb visiting a grave so somebody dies.  Hmmmmm…. Webb was obsessed and the story starts at the beginning of his relationship with Sara and takes the reader through the story of all that with masterfully developed pace using structure and a bit of foreshadowing in addition to normal situational suspense.

Good book although not your usual “thriller” because our 1st person protagonist is very thoughtful and emotionally involved with what happened.

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  1. Lisa Hill says:

    I like Graham Swift, and I read this years ago when it first came out. But whereas I remember Last Orders vividly, I can’t remember a thing about this, so maybe I should reread it too!

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