Home by Harlan Coben

I’ve read three  of Coben’s more  recent stand-alones,  but this is the first of a series – so I choose #16 right?  –  oh well … I was a little lost by a couple of the characters but for the most part the story gelled and was quite satisfying.   I might try some earlier books in the series.

by Harlan Coben
2016 / 400 pages
read by Steven Weber
rating:  A / crime series
(11th of the Myron Bolitar series)

Ten years ago two 6-year old boys were kidnapped from their upper class homes and although every attempt was made to find them,  they’d apparently just  flat disappeared.  Win Lockwood, Myron Bolitar’s close but informal partner in crime solving,   thinks he spots one of the boys in a London sex-slum.  Win is also the uncle of one of the boys so he’s always been aware.

Win alerts the New York-based Myron who joins him and together they work on the case,  but Bolitar heads back to the US for followups and further investigations. . Bolitar’s  secretary Esperanza helps with many details.  The London crime scene is definitely involved as is some techie search business.

Anyway,   they get one of the boys back in the early chapters – or think they do – and the chase is on for the other boy  although that’s problematical.

There are elements of  deduction, scenes of violence and chase and even some moments of tenderness in this one.  Coben’s pretty good and I enjoyed Steven Weber’s narration. I,  like so many other fans apparently,  love the characters of Myron and Win and will likely try a few of the earlier novels.

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