The Gauguin Connection by Estelle Ryan

Oh I do so wish this series was available on Audible –  (sigh) –  but a reading group has chosen it and it was free with Kindle Prime.  What could I do? – I’m not used to reading crime books in print or digital format and I can almost hear some good narrator reading to me.

The Gauguin Connection
by Estelle Ryan
2015 / 430 pages
rating:   A
(#1 of Genevieve Leonard series)

Plot premise-    Genevieve Leonard is an investigator with an insurance company which specializes in expensive artwork.   A woman is murdered and found to be clutching a piece of a Gauguin painting. Her murderer screams a strange message and a huge scam unfolds involving art-auctions at sea, money laundering,  the deaths of many  young artist,  and high ranking EU members.

Leonard is somewhere on the autism range and isn’t prime material for the  interpersonal relations of police work but she’s a expert in reading people through nonverbal clues.  She’s also a whiz with finding patterns in an overload of information.  It’s her boss who gets her involved in the case

I really enjoyed Genevieve and may read more of these – if only,  as I said, they were available in Audio format – but even if I have to buy them in Kindle format (they’re really cheap) I might go ahead.

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