Knit Your Own Murder by Monica Ferris

I’ll admit I’m a big fan of Monica Ferris’ Needlecraft series.   Oh I know it’s pure comfort reading,  cozy / traditional mystery series with an amateur detective and her friends sleuthing around a small town which is full of murders – heh.   This is the 19th in the series so I’ll expect one more book – it’s just the way these things go.   I’ve read all of them but I started in the middle (#8  Crewel Yule for a Christmas book challenge) and enjoyed that one,   so I  went back to #1 and read forward.)


Knit Your Own Murder
(#19 in the Needlecraft series)
by Monica Ferris
2016/ 304 pages
read by Susan Boyle  (A+)
rating – A / cozy mystery

In book 1  Betsy Devonshire inherited a little needlecraft shop from her sister (who was murdered it turns out)  in Excelsior Minnesota,  right outside Minneapolis.  Moving there from California she essentially started with nothing but over the years she has built the business and a group of friends in the town and this makes for a really nice reading.  I recommend the series be read in order although they’re not hopeless as stand-alones – the mysteries themselves are the focus.

This time Betsy’s little Monday Bunch of knitters is holding an auction and one of their members dies there almost on stage.  There’s another murder and the two are connected by business associations.  Betsy works through the complexities and with the local police to figure it out and find the killer  It’s not the best of the series (I guessed the ending) but it’s fun and I still look forward to the next one.

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