The Water Knife by Pablo Bacigalupi

Set in the foreseeable future,  the southwest area of  the US,  around Phoenix and Las Vegas,  has been hard hit by climate change and  drought. The area has no water.  Neither does neighboring Texas and migrants flood into Arizona.   What happened is that the old source of water for the area,  the Colorado RIver,  has been completely diverted to either Las Vegas or California.

TheWaterKnifeThe Water Knife
by Pablo Bacigalupi
2015 / 379 pages
read by Almarie Guerra 14h 5m
rating:  A+/  dystopian future-thriller

And now there are water wars.  A water tycoon in Las Vegas named Catherine Case has built an empire of arcology units with her water coming from wherever she can get it,  legal or not.  She frees and employs a prisoner named Angel Velasquez to do whatever she needs done – a lot of killing it seems.  Angel gets wind of something bad happening in Phoenix,  he goes down to check it out.

And what’s happening in Phoenix is that a journalist named Lucy Monroe has been writing about the water wars for years.  One day her lawyer buddy James Sanderson tells her he’s got the something really big that will change the game and he’s either selling it or has sold it – apparently some documents giving someone the rights to the water.  Then James is killed in cold blood.   That’s the trouble Angel has gone to Phoenex to check out. Who killed Sanderson?  –  Probably the Callies – (Californian water people).


A design archology for New Orleans –

Meanwhile,  Maria Villarosa, a young Texas immigrant,hows up at the cafe of her good friend and they find a very cheap water source and procede to set up a little marketing scheme.  They’re found out by the narcos.  This is very bad news for Maria –  big trouble.

The stories of those three,  Angel, Lucy and Maria, comprise the 3rd person narrative with alternating chapters given to each.   The tension runs very, very high – although there are great futurist ideas, the result is more thriller fiction than science fiction.

The violence was the typical graphic stuff but the sex was a bit over the top for the subject-matter although considering that one of the themes is how we all have a violent  streak it works in its own way.   >>>> NOTES, links, etc.  >>>>  

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2 Responses to The Water Knife by Pablo Bacigalupi

  1. jameswharris says:

    Have you read Pump Six and Other Stories Paolo Bacigalupi? It also features stories about the future of water shortages.


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