Submission by Michael Houellebecq

by Michael Houellebecq  (France)
2014 / 250 pages
rating 8.5 /  contempt lit – futurist

I finished this while I was at the coast and forgot to write up an entry for it.

It’s based on an interesting concept – what happens in the year 2022 when the Muslims have taken control of France by ballot?   The guy elected to president is a moderate kind of Muslim and Christianity and other religions are tolerated – to an extent.  But only Muslims are allowed to be in the “elite” or to be teachers and journalists, etc.  so our hero, François,  is out of a job albeit with a very good pension because the Muslim Brotherhood, with their line to Saudi Arabia,  has lots of money.

But François has no wife or life outside of academia really.  His life was chasing women students (or letting them chase him) and teaching and he’s generally bored a lot.  He’s not really Christian,  but objects to having to convert in order to continue teaching.  His regular girlfriend moves to Israel as she is Jewish and there’s no telling what will happen to her people with the Muslims now in control.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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