This Changes Everything:

changesThis Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate
by Naomi Klein
2015 / 576 pages
read by Ellen Archer / 20h 43m
rating:  8.5 /  nonfiction – climate economics

I don’t quite know what to think at this point – yes, of course I believe that climate change is for reals – and it’s going to make more and more trouble over the years.  Also,  I don’t think there’s anything we can really do about it- the system is self-perpetuating and climate change is completely woven into the fabric of capitalism and that’s all based on the acquisitive nature of mankind.

Now I suppose if things got bad enough we’d change our ways but most likely it would take the power  of a dictator to get the changes needed made.

This book is page after page , and hour after hour,  of the disastrous situation we’ve got ourselves and the world into.  In her defense,  Klein doesn’t spend a lot of time on things folks who are reading this book would know.  But when even the parts of the “green movement” are collaborating with the capitalists and the  fossil fuel industry then what hope is there?  >>>>MORE>>>> 

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