Thank you!

womanbooksDear Readers,  🙂

I just noticed that my little addition to the lit-blog world has been getting lots more hits every year.  I started over on Geocities in 1998 thinking that maybe I could keep track of what I read – just for my own info. I’d never been able to keep a log for long but perhaps online I’d do it.

Yes – I was keeping a record!   But that first site crashed and the second one (iWeb) where I started writing little blurbs and reviews went out of business. That was about 4  years ago and so I moved over to WordPress and have been satisfied so far.  It’s a LOT easier than the old Geocities with no templates.

Anyway,  one of my goals for 2016 is to improve my review writing.  I don’t need to read more books or do more challenges.  Instead,  I’d like to slow down a bit and ponder what I’ve read, maybe reread the good stuff,  and then write a more thoughful review.  Easier said than done,  but we’ll see.

Anyway,  Happy Reading in 2016 and thank you again.

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