Playing God

playingodPlaying God
by Kate Flora
2006 / 414 pages
read by Terry Rose  11h 47m
rating C-   / crime – police procedural
(Book #1 in Joe Burgess series)

I’m really not sure how I feel about this book – It’s certainly not an auspicious beginning for the new year!

Although it’s told in  3rd person, much of it is from the point of view of a a male detective and it’s not believable.  There’s a lot of sex in the book – I suppose Flora talked to detectives to get some kind of input on how they talk about women in their bantering but as far as I  know,  having 3 brothers and reading a lot, that’s not how it goes unless there’s one instigator.  Is that Joe Burgess? – Not good.  – The sex talk places really interrupts the tension.  Note that the author has a female name.   Too much sex gets really boring – it rarely advances the plot unless it’s a romance –  I wasn’t aware that the Joe Burgess mysteries were romance novels (heh).
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