Senior Moments Are Murder

seniorSenior Moments Are Murder
by Mike Befeler
2015 / 268 pages
read by Jerry Sciarro  7h 42m
rating – B / crime – cozy

This is the third novel in the Geezer-lit series by Mike Befeler.  They’re kind of fun, silly, and I’ve read the first two so …

Paul Jacobson is about 84 years old and beset with short-term memory loss.  He’s quite bright during the day but his memory resets at night.  As a result at the opening of Senior Moments Are Murder,  he has no idea who his fiancé Marion, is.   But this doesn’t seem to bother him too much – although it is somewhat disconcerting.

Then he goes for a walk and finds a dead body and can’t remember who where he is or how he got there for the detective.  Bad news.  >>>>MORE (no spoilers>>>>

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