World of Trouble

worldWorld of Trouble
by Ben Winters
2014 / 320 pages
read by Peter Berkrot  8h 10m
rating:  A /  crime – dystopian future
(Book 3 in The Last Policeman trilogy)

It’s only a few weeks until Astroid Maia hits the earth dead on and our hero Hank Palace is still out solving crimes of misisng persons and murders.  This time he’s decided to hunt for his own sister who has taken off with a group determined to beat the astroid somehow.

Hank comes across a lot of strange and scary things in his search across New  Hampshire,  and as a former cop and detective in Concord he knows how to conduct an investigation and apparently he has some fair interviewing techniques.  But with only 9 months (in the first book of the series) and 77 days (in the second book) and now a couple or three weeks  in book three,  why does Palace bother? >>>>MORE (no spoilers >>>> 

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