The Gate of Angels

gateofThe Gate of Angels
by Penelope Fitzgerald
1990 / 219 pages
rating  9 /  historical fiction

Back in a very well presented 1912,  somewhere near Cambridge England, Fred Fairly, a physics lecturer at St. Angelicus,  was riding down the road on his bicycle when he was startled by an unlit farm cart and crashed into a pedestrian,  Daisy Saunders, a poor nursing student.  A neighbor rushed to help and took them to her home where she put them in the same bed because Daisy was wearing a wedding ring.

Fred is pretty badly hurt and lands in a hospital where, guess what, the unmarried Daisy watches over him as she is a student nurse.  Fred falls in love which is against the rules of his job and the tale unfolds from there. Who was driving the cart that got away?    >>>>MORE>>>> (no spoilers)

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