The Righteous Mind:

righteousThe Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion
by Jonathan Haidt
2014 / 528 pages
read by  Jonathan Haidt – 11h
rating 9  / nonfiction – psychology / ethics

Good book – it’s going to have to go on my list of best 2015.  Fascinating stuff.  I’m not sure I agree with all of it – I’m not sure I fit the norm in all of his little tests.  That’s okay – the book explains a whole lot.  And it’s comprehensible – a true layman’s presentation – and Haidt has a nice sense of humor.

Haidt is not a partisan anything – he has no political axe to grind. He’s a generally liberal moral psychologist who has been studying people’s beliefs and behaviors for a long time.  He finds that conservatives in the US have a broader gamut of moral underpinnings (foundations – values) to rely on than liberals.  These are things like caring and authority and loyalty and freedom and fairness and so on.  But beware fundamentalists – they have very few different types of underlying values.   >>>>MORE>>>>

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