Notorious RBG:

notoriousNotorious RBG:  The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
by Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik
2015 / 240 pages
read by Andi Arndt / 5h 9m
rating:  9

This is a splendid biography of a heroine – but it’s hard to give a rating to a book which is pretty close to  hagiography (look at that crown) and you also love her.  Dearly.

I would recommend getting a paper copy of the book as there is a lot of information and photos not included in the audio version although there is a downloadable pdf file –  I’d rather read the book and see the photos.  I’ll likely be getting it later and rereading for the All-nonfiction group in March.

The title comes from a Tumblr blog started by Shana Knizhnik, a law student and then fans starting posting.  The “Notorious” part comes from The Notorious B.I.G, a famous rapper.  Knizhnik then joined up with  Irin Carmon of MSNBC and with some assistance from RBG wrote the book. >>>>MORE (no spoilers) >>>>

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