The Suspect

thefallThe Suspect
by John Lescroart
2007 / (321 pages)
read by David Colacci 11h 11m
rating/ A- / legal thriller
(Stand alone but may be a series)

I’m working my way through the Dismas Hardy novels from Audible whieh are read by David Colacci – picky, picky.   And although Hardy plays a role in The Suspect.  he’s not the lead detective or lawyer – that role is taken by Gina Roake, a woman partner newly returned to firm.   It’s considered a “stand alone” although it might be the start of a new series or #15 1/2 in the Hardy series – Hardy’s law firm is present in several persons.

Anyway,  it’s standard Lescroart in that Dr. Carolyn Dryden and her husband, Stuart Gorman are an up-scale San Francisco couple.  He is the author of popular outdoors books while she is a pricey doctor. They have one child who has recently left for college and now Carolyn wants a divorce.  But instead she is found dead, apparently murdered, in the hot-tub while he is away for a weekend at a cabin in the mountains. Stuart obviously did it according to the police but Gina certainly has doubts.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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