Living with Your Kids is Murder

livingwithLiving with Your Kids is Murder
by Mike Befeier
2009 / 381 pages
read by Jerry Sciarrio 7h 14m
rating – B / very cozy crime –
(#2 in the Paul Jacobson Geezer-lit series)

This is pure cozy crime starring Paul Jacobson, an 80-something man who calls himself an “old codger,” etc.   This time when he goes to live with his only son in Boulder, Colorado he gets himself involved in a murder and several other crimes – some petty,  some not.  Paul’s serious problem is short term memory loss – everything from the day prior is erased during the night.  This presents a lot of problems – like he has no idea where that money came from.  Keeping a daily journal to remind himself of what happened the day prior helps a lot.  He has a girlfriend from the 1st book in the series and she appears.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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