The Green Road

greenroadThe Green Road
by Anne Enright
2014 / 312 pages (K)
read by: Alana Kerr, Lloyd James, Gerard Doyle: 9h 45m
rating:  8 

Back in 1980,  in Ardeevin, Co. Clare 19-year old Dan Madigan told his family he was going to be a priest.   His mother then took to bed, as she’d done in traumatic times before, and stayed there for many days.  Mom has some problems and her children are affected in different ways.

Hanna,  the youngest child is the first focus chapter here.  The above announcement and leave-taking are basically from her point of view,  but there’s more to her story than that.  The next section is in 1991, New York, and Dan is now about 30 and a closet gay in the height of the AIDS epidemic – he shows little of the  compassion he might have had as a young priest,  but we aren’t specifically told what happened to him.  >>>>MORE>>>> 

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