A Little Life

littlelifeA Little Life
by Hanya Yanagihara
2015/ 734 pages
Booker nominee
Rating –9  (reduced .5 due to the emotional manipulation I felt as it ended).

 Malcolm, JB, Wilhem, and Jude have been buddies since college days in the 1970s (I would guess).   They are all quite different except they are male, youngish, single, possibly gay and live in NYC.  And they are really,  really  good friends – the best kind, with love compassion, loyalty, everything you could want in a small group of friends – although over the course of the book – a lifetime – some of them have their fallings out, too.
JB – Haitian background, artist, works as a receptionist for an art publishing company, his family is lower middle class, his dad is deceased but there is a hugely supportive extended family and they thoroughly spoil him.  JB becomes a famous photographer and also  a drug addict.  >>>MORE>>>
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