by Lily King
2014/ 258 pages
Rating: 9 / general fiction

Fictionalized story of the relationship between Margaret Mead, Reo Fortune and Gregory Bateson in 1933, Sepik New Guinea.Starring Nell Stone as Margaret Mead – heh  – And Schuyler Fenwick (Fen) as Reo Fortune, Nell’s husband,  a New Zealand social anthropologist , as Mead’s second husband and field co-researcher.   Andrew Bankson plays the part of Gregory Bateson, anthropology scholar and eventually Mead’s 3rd husband.   There’s also Betty Sumner – 2nd wife – is this the Bette in the novel?  And Ruth Benedict, a later romantic interest for Margaret, played by Helen in a brief flashback.

 The three field researchers are studying the tribes of the Sepik Basin of New Guinea but the names of the tribes have also been changed for the novel. – >>>>MORE>>>>
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