The Snopes Trilogy


The Snopes Trilogy
by William Faulkner
1940 – 1957  / 3 volumes
Rating 10 / classic American fiction

Whew!  I did it.  A long time goal to read the    whole Snopes Trilogy – ever since just after high school.  And I’ve now read 12 of his 19 novels in addition to a bunch of short stories.

Each volume,  The Hamlet, The Town, and The Mansion,  got a rating of 9.  But when they are all put together it’s apparent this is a true masterpiece.

Faulkner started writing about the Snopes, especially Flem Snopes,  back in the 1920s and included various members of the Snopes family in short stories and books.  In the late 1930s he put together the outline of two volumes of Snopes books and that changed titles and expanded to the three volume Snopes Trilogy.   He then had to go back and make some corrections in all three novels so the material is consistent.
NOTES, photos, links, etc.  

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