The Mansion

mansionThe Mansion
by William Faulkner
1959 / 498 pages
rating 9+ / classic American

The Mansion starts up at the scene where Mink Snopes shoots Isaac Houston over a cow.  This is back-story from maybe half-way through The Town but where The Town leaves Mink with a life sentence,  The Mansion picks up and continues that story as well as the tales of Linda Snopes (who, in the The Town,  left for Greenwich Village)  and her older suitor Gavin Stevens, a local boy who became a Harvard educated lawyer.  Other stories continued are those of Montgomery Ward who owned the (porn) photography shop,  Gavin Stevens in love with Eula V. Snopes, deceased mother of Linda,  and of course, Flem Snopes.

Flem Snopes,  about whom the trilogy is basically concerned,  is now a rich and powerful banker seeking respectability.  His has been the poor white trash route to the top and at this point Flem has to prove he’s not a Snopes except in name. >>>>MORE>>>> 

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