A Spool of Blue Thread

spoolofA Spool of Blue Thread
by Anne Tyler
2015/ 368 pages
read by Kimberly Farr 13h 23m
rating 6.5 (enjoyed parts of it)  / contemp fiction

I haven’t read a book by Anne Tyler in a long time because – well –  I’m not her biggest fan.  The few I’ve read have been okay basically,  but nothing to “watch this author” about.  Yes,  if your preference is realistically presented and character-driven novels Tyler might be your author.  For me,  great characters are wonderful,  but I prefer idea- and plot-driven novels – just a preference.  Tyler’s writing is adequate – actually, it’s pretty nice considering the kind of books she writes – the effect of accumulated details and pitch-perfect dialogue draws the reader in and she structures the novels well enough there is some tension somewhere – in a bare-bones frame story if nothing else.   >>>>MORE>>>> 

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